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“Must-See” Keliki Exhibition Closes on 28 June

Following the 1960s, the famed Ubud school of modern and traditional Balinese painting began to split into smaller collectives that represented nearby villages with varying approaches in their artistic expression.

Then began the Young Artists of Penestanan — perhaps the most renowned of these splinter groups — as well as the Pengosekan, Kutuh and Padang Tegal artist communities, and arguably the one with the most talented artists, the Keliki Painting School.

In an effort to develop and preserve traditional Balinese painting, a cooperation between Ubud’s Puri Lukisan Museum and the Keliki Kawan Artists Association, Werdi Jana Kerti, has culminated in an important collaboration. The “Keliki Exhibition – Werdi Jana Kerti” is an extraordinary collection of works from the Keliki School of Miniature Painting, on display from April 28 through June 28 at the Puri Lukisan Museum. MORE…

A Tribute to Dewa Nyoman Batuan

Exactly one year after the passing away of his father on Valentine’s day 2013, Dewa Putrayasa and friends have organized an exhibition at the Museum Puri Lukisan Ratna Warta. Richard Horstman reflects: Dewa Nyoman Batuan, born in Pengosekan, Ubud 1939, was an icon within the world of Balinese art. MORE…

Exhibition of art of Gusti Nyoman Lempad opens on 20 September

Pre-World-War-II work from U.S. and European collections accompanied by release of first catalogue raisonné of Lempad’s drawings.

Ubud, Bali, 12 July 2014 – “Illuminating Line: Master Drawings of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad” will open at the Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia on 20 September and run until 24 November 2014.

The exhibition is accompanied by Lempad of Bali: The Illuminating Line, a 424-page catalog, written by six leading international scholars of Balinese art. The large-format book includes 600 illustrations; 500 of them are reproductions of Lempad’s drawings and sketches. Many of these have not been seen publicly since the 1930s and have never been published before.

More than eight years in preparation, this will be the first retrospective exhibition and catalogue raisonné of Lempad’s drawings on paper, which were his principal creative output during the last 50 years of his long and productive career. For the exhibition, the museum selected 70 works focusing on those created in the 1930s, most of them borrowed from museum and private collections in the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, and the United States.