January – March Exhibition “The Legacy” presents world class woodcarvings from sculptors who directly and indirectly were guided under the famous sculptor Ida Bagus Tilem.         May – June Art exhibition of local art teachers “Pameran Seni-Rupa” in cooperation with Art Academy in Denpasar. It shows paintings, carvings in stone and wood and other materials.     July […]

A new exhibition, opening on 7 October at Ubud’s Museum Puri Lukisan, includes 69 paintings by Ketut Madra of Peliatan and 22 other artists, all working in the oldest style of Balinese painting and telling the ancient Hindu and Buddhist legends of Bali’s shadow puppet theater or wayang kulit.

Ketut Madra and 100 Years of Balinese Wayang Painting celebrates work created from the early 20th century to the present. “Many of the paintings in this exhibition were collected by our guest curator David Irons of New York when he lived in Bali for a year in 1973,” said Tjokorda Bagus Astika, director of the museum. “His remarkable collection is supplemented by work from our museum, ARMA and private collections. The exhibition also includes 35 paintings painted over the last 42 years by internationally recognized wayang artist Ketut Madra from his own and Mr. Irons’s collections.”

A 64-page, large format, color catalog, in English (with Indonesian translation) by Mr. Irons accompanies the exhibition. “This exhibition and catalog are an important introduction to wayang painting,” Tjokorda Bagus continued. “This is the original painted art of Bali: The first wayang paintings were created almost a thousand years ago to tell these epic stories in our temples and palaces.