Dewa Nyoman Batuan Exhibition – Feb 14 to Apr 10, 2014

Dewa Batuan

The Museum Puri Lukisan is hosting the painting exhibition by the Pengosekan Artist’s Community. The exhibition opened on Feb. 14 and continues through April 10, 2014. This exhibition was organized by the children of Dewa Nyoman Batuan to commemorate the passing of their father and to pay homage to his legacy.

The exhibition includes 56 works by students of Dewa Nyoman Batuan and his older brother Dewa Putu Mokoh. Both brothers were the student of the celebrated Pengosekan painter, I Gusti Ketut Kobot (1917 – 1999).


Worth seeing are the Mandala entitled Champaka Flower by the late Dewa Nyoman Batuan, a painting by I Gusti Ayu Murniasih, and a painting by the grandson of the late Pengosekan Maestro, I Wayan Gedot

Champaka Mandala, Dewa Nyoman Batuan

Champaka Mandala, Dewa Nyoman Batuan

Dewa Nyoman Batuan perfected the art of Mandala throughout of his career as a painter. The spiritual and cultural beliefs of Bali are encapsulated in extraordinary mandalas, hypnotic focal points for drawing the observer deeply into himself, to a perspective from which the multiplicity of nature, and our place in it, reveal themselves. He produced over 500 mandala paintings like a storm of multi-colored snowflakes. And, like snowflakes, in each of them, with a little time, all can be seen about the harmonious integrity by which the Balinese, both as individuals and as a culture, have flourished for over a thousand years. These Mandala paintings describe the Macro- and Microcosmos of the Hindu Balinese beliefs. The Champaka Mandala is extraordinary in its simplicity of a natural cosmic arrangement of the Magnolia Champaka Flowers known for its fragrance. Dewa Nyoman Batuan used to grow a Champaka plant in a small pot that flowered continuously. One day he decided to replant it to provide more room to grow, but since then it never flowered. He painted this Champaka Mandala for the memory of the flowering Champaka plant in a little pot.

A Lady and a Wine Glass by Gusti Ayu Murniasih

A Lady and a Pink Wine Glass by Gusti Ayu Murniasih

Gusti Ayu Murniasih (1966-2006)  adopted the colors of her mentor, Dewa Putu Mokoh, but she devoted herself to depict woman issues. A lady and a Pink Wine Glass collecting the juice of a woman elegantly composed over a uniform green background highlighted with her bright green heels and a squid like head bending backward her contoured body. A red shadow of her left thigh added a complementary color of her high heel.

One described her works as: “Initially Murni’s work was criticized for being ‘dirty’, ‘perverse’, ‘immoral’, but this is to reduce her work to a crude inventory of sex. Murni painted more than sex, however. She painted life. And the objects and events that were her daily companions. All were treated and deformed at the whim of her imagination with a natural simplicity. In fact, seen from their titles and actual, if metaphoric contents what Murni showed us was herself, in her environment and all the aspects of her femininity. She painted an ordinary world in an extraordinary way. Murni carried in her mind and work a symbolic world that was very interesting.” Indeed, her work entitled a Lady and a Pink Wine Glass speaks itself of her extraordinary imagination.

Two Pigs by the grandson of I Wayan Gedot

Two Pigs by the grandson of I Wayan Gedot