Exhibition in 2002

Semetonan Indonesia Art 2002 Exhibition

March 23 – April 23

During one month the Museum exhibits modern paintings from twenty artists from Java and Bali. These artworks accommodate many kinds of painting styles such as surrealism, naive, realism, abstract, etc. Semetonan means brotherhood in Balinese and Javanese. This theme was chosen to underline the unity in diversity of Javanese and Balinese arts.

 Mimpi Dengan Belalang, Murni Gerhana Reformasi, R Etalage, Miftahul Mufid  Sujud, Suklu

Exhibition of Czech and Slovak independent art of 1984 / 244 artists

May 6 – 19

We are proud to have been able to exhibit the artworks of as much as 244 Czech and Slovak artists amongst who were many whose works were not allowed for the public eye until 1989 due to the political situation of that time. In 1971 the Jazz Section, the oldest independent and non-commercial cultural organization in the Czech Republic, came into being. During the Communist era Jazz Section refused to be censored and its leaders were imprisoned. In 1984 the idea for a project called “Minisalon” was born. Small-sized wooden boxes (approximately 15 x15 x 5 cm) were sent out to various artists with an invitation to use the box for a freely conceived theme, which leaded to a most interesting variety of works. This project emerged as a reaction to the situation in the Czechoslovak art world at that time. For a long period of time the whole collection had to be stored in the house of its organizer, Joska Skalník, in order to keep it from the authorities. Finally, in 1992, it came to its definitive form and was exhibited for the first time in Prague. Ten years after this the exhibition got the chance to travel around the world and from May 6-19 2002 the collection is open for public in Museum Puri Lukisan.

 Minisalon 1 Minisalon 2 Minisalon 3  Minisalon 4