Exhibition in 2009

29 JULY-25 OCTOBER 2009

Traditional Balinese Painting Exhibition. Artists include I Made Budi, Mokoh, Pande Ketut Bawa, I Lembod and more.

The annual Kebiar Seni exhibitions have been organized by the Museum Puri Lukisan since 1995. Over the years, these exhibitions have helped to promote Modern-Traditional Balinese Art and introduced many talented young Balinese artists to the world.

“Modern-Traditional” art is a contemporary expression of Balinese life and traditions. The masterpieces of great Balinese artists of the past are the inspiration of today’s artists. In turn, the artworks that are now being exhibited by the Museum Puri Lukisan will be the inheritance of those to follow.

Bali’s artistic tradition grew within the ‘banjar’, the smallest unit of the Balinese civil society. This year, fifty-two painters from the Kamasan, Batuan, Ubud, Young Artist and Keliki Schools represent their banjars and show the diversity within each school. This diversity and the support of the banjar community has sustained the development and preservation of Modern-Traditional Balinese painting.

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