Exhibition in 2012

21 JULY – 21 OCTOBER 2012

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Since its inception in 1995, the Kebiar Seni exhibition has enabled us to achieve two objectives. First and foremost is to introduce the works of young talented Traditional Balinese artists to our museum visitors and the world. Equally important, it serves as a vehicle to select the best pieces from the exhibition and to fund new acquisitions for our permanent collection.

Among the sixty-six works by forty Balinese artists displayed in this exhibition, there are five works worth special mention.

Sustainable Earth by I Made Mudra

The first is the work by I Made Mudra entitled Sustainable Earth. It is composed as a Mandala, a Hindu cosmic system of nine governing Deities stationed at eight cardinal directions, with the Ciwa occupies the center of the universe. These nine Deities maintain the equilibrium and the order of the universe. In this work, the Deities are placed randomly, rather than following the prescribed direction in the Hindu Bali tradition. Four of the Deities were placed facing outward and the other fours facing inward. The number of “Kepengs” (Chinese coins) signifies the four cardinal directions: North (4 Kepengs), East (5 Kepengs), South (9 Kepengs), and West (7 Keepings). There are five concentric circles, starting from the center, to represent the five elements of the universe: earth (soil), water, fire, air and atmosphere. The abundant of dragonflies signifies a well-balanced universe and conversely, when this balance is disturbed by irresponsible human acts, may cause the decline in dragonfly population and even their demise.

Dewata Nawa Sanga by Ida Bagus Padma

The second painting is by Ida Bagus Padma, the grandchild of Ida Bagus Widja, one of the Masters of the Batuan School. In the four quadrants of the Universe, activities of mankind may cause the instability and even the demise of the earth. Deities stationed along each arm of the Swastika assist Ciwa, the God of Renewal and Destroyer, governs from the center. On the vertical axis, from the North to South, the Trimurti – Wishnu, Ciwa and Brahma works together to maintain the equilibrium and order of the Universe.

Night Creatures by I Wayan Miarta

The third work is by I Wayan Miarta, the son of a famous woodcarver from Guang, South of Ubud, who is mostly a self-taught artist. Night Creatures is a reflection of his own experience during night fishing. When the moon is young, moonlight filtered by the thick foliage of the forest creates a dark and moist atmosphere around the small creeks where Miarta often fish and meditate. In this darkness and calm, his mind wanders and he senses the presence of other beings. The images of the dwellers of the forest emerge and give him the inspiration to share with us the world of seen (niscaya) and unseen (niskala). Only then, can we see and experience both worlds simultaneously during the day.

Dream of an Artist by I Wayan Sugita

This is a painting created by I Wayan Sugita through images which came to him during his dreams. It is about the coming of a great leader marked and preceded by many natural disasters. This great leader, holding the flag of Indonesia, rides a golden carriage pulled forward by nine powerful horses. On the lower left, a colossal tsunami destroyed massive fertile lands, wiped out its inhabitants and left human suffering. It is followed by the creation of a new continent in the east. On the lower right, a mud spring coming out from the earth forms a new island, forming a state led by a sage who governs wisely and creates an environment where various religious beliefs co-exist harmoniously.

Burning Stones by Ida Bagus Alit Putra

Burning stone is a satire of a weak leader who does not have the courage to drive a difficult change. To turn stones to lava, Mother Nature uses extreme pressure to liquefy the stones. Likewise, a great leader needs the courage and persistence to do a transformation. Without it, the transformation would not occurs just like trying to burn stones using a common heat source. He needs to take the right actions in the midst of the chaos that might occurs in a country, an organization or a family.