Anak Agung Gde Sobrat (1912-1992)


A.A. Gde Sobrat (c. 1940s)

A.A. Gde Sobrat and his neighbor A.A. Gde Meregeg were the first two artists in Padangtegal, Bali to meet Walter Spies. Spies’ influence can be seen in their early works (prior to 1940?s). Sobrat learned to carve leather puppets (Wayang) from his grandfather, and western style painting from Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet. From the latter, he learnt human anatomy. A fine example of this is a beautiful portrait of his daughter drawn in 1962.  A.A. Gde Sobrat’s style of painting is continued by his sons, A.A. Gde Rai Kalam and A.A. Gde Anom Sobrat.







 Selected Works

Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter (1962),
Oil on Canvas, 62 x 47 cm