I Wayan Gedot (1914-2000)


I Wayan Gedot

I Wayan Gedot was mostly an autodidact. He started painting before he reached puberty in the village of Pengosekan just outside of Ubud. His landscape paintings covered by foliage of plants and their inhabitants: squirrels, monkeys and birds. He skillfully captured the mundane daily life in Bali such as gathering water and bathing in a stream in the forest. His choice of palettes was mostly yellowish green and light purple that ensued calmness and tranquility. There is a lyrical quality of his painting, as shown by the juxtaposition of the figures in his painting composition. His style is echoed by his student and son-in-law, I Ketut Gelgel.





Selected Works

Gathering water in the forest, Acrylic on canvas, c 1970s