Pre-World-War-II work from U.S. and European collections accompanied by release of first catalogue raisonné of Lempad’s drawings.

Ubud, Bali, 21 September 2014 – “Illuminating Line: Master Drawings of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad” opened at the Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud, Bali, on 20 September. The exhibition runs until 18 December 2014.


Modern – Traditional Balinese Painting Exhibition 3 August – 30 September 2013 » Click here to download the Kebiar Seni XIV Museum Puri Lukisan catalogue   During the early 1900s, Western anthropologists flocked to Bali to study its unique culture. Americans, Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson spent two years (1937-1939) in the village of Batuan, […]

TRADITIONAL BALINESE PAINTING EXHIBITION 21 JULY – 21 OCTOBER 2012 » Click here to download the Kebiar Seni XIII Museum Puri Lukisan catalogue [PDF 4,05 Mb] Since its inception in 1995, the Kebiar Seni exhibition has enabled us to achieve two objectives. First and foremost is to introduce the works of young talented Traditional Balinese artists […]

TRADITIONAL BALINESE PAINTING EXHIBITION 29 JULY-25 OCTOBER 2009 Traditional Balinese Painting Exhibition. Artists include I Made Budi, Mokoh, Pande Ketut Bawa, I Lembod and more. The annual Kebiar Seni exhibitions have been organized by the Museum Puri Lukisan since 1995. Over the years, these exhibitions have helped to promote Modern-Traditional Balinese Art and introduced many […]

MUSEUM PURI LUKISAN 50TH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITIONS JULY 14-SEPTEMBER 12, 2008 The Puri Lukisan Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary. First opened to the public on January 31, 1956, it is the oldest museum in Ubud. To mark a half-century of accomplishments, the museum will host three important exhibitions during the summer of 2008, with the […]

July 19 – October 19 For the Balinese, daily, religious and family lives are united inextricably with each other in a sacred dance of being. Their ancient and complex culture is rooted in reverence, respect and a strong belief in Karma. The black and white checkered cloth is used as a reminder of the constant […]

August 9 – October 31 “Legacy 2″ pays tribute to the Masters of Balinese modernist woodcarving: I.B Nyana, Tjokot and I.B Tilem. Most of the carvers from this exhibition were Tilem’s students or have been strongly influenced by his works. Ida Bagus Nyana was primarily concerned with experimenting with mass in sculpture. When carving human […]

Semetonan Indonesia Art 2002 Exhibition March 23 – April 23 During one month the Museum exhibits modern paintings from twenty artists from Java and Bali. These artworks accommodate many kinds of painting styles such as surrealism, naive, realism, abstract, etc. Semetonan means brotherhood in Balinese and Javanese. This theme was chosen to underline the unity […]

Taksu at Museum Puri Lukisan Ubud During three months, thirty-one of the foremost Balinese traditional painters will expose more than sixty examples of their contemporary works of art during the annual Kebiar Seni 2001 which takes place at the Exhibition Building of The Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud from July 7 until October 7, 2001. The […]

23 April – 23 May An exhibition of traditional Balinese glass paintings “Seni Lukis Kaca Nagasepaha, Buleleng” in cooperation Teachers Academy (STKIP) in Singaraja. The exhibition is to support the preservation of traditional glass painting technique that is found in the village Nagasepaha in Singaraja province, north of Bali. 2 June-21 June A painting exhibition “Terus […]