Exhibition in 1999

January – March

Exhibition “The Legacy” presents world class woodcarvings from sculptors who directly and indirectly were guided under the famous sculptor Ida Bagus Tilem.



May – June

Art exhibition of local art teachers “Pameran Seni-Rupa” in cooperation with Art Academy in Denpasar. It shows paintings, carvings in stone and wood and other materials.



July – September

The annual exhibition “Kebiar Seni”, which will be hold for the fourth time in the history of the museum, presenting the traditional paintings done by Balinese artists nowadays. The exhibition shows the typical and finest details of Balinese traditional style, which has been admired by many art lovers all around the world.



September – October

A historical exhibition of pre-war Balinese modernists from the village Batuan in cooperation with Kunsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Leo Haks & Maris, prominent art dealers in Balinese art.



A contemporary art exhibition “Knalpot” in cooperation with Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, presenting art from different views and in several non-conform materials