Art & Cultural Workshop

gamelan traditional_paintings
Gamelan Rp. 145,000 Net/person
An introductory workshop to the gamelan instruments
and playing techniques.
Traditional Painting Rp. 520,000 Net/person
A one day workshop guiding you through the steps from making a sketch to a complete traditional artwork.
flute_playing classical
Flute Playing Rp. 145,000 Net/person
In this workshop you will learn to play a traditional
Balinese bamboo flute.
Classical Painting Rp. 520,000 Net/person
In this workshop you will learn about and create a classical Kamasan-style painting depicting characters from the famous Ramayana and Mahabhrata stories.
mask batik
Mask Painting Rp. 365,000 Net/person
Understand the meaning and shape of different Balinese masks while creating your own.
Batik Rp. 520,000 Net/person
Learn about one of Indonesia’s most famous traditional arts. Become familiar with this ancient textiles technique while making your own design.
shadow woodcarving
Shadow Puppet Rp. 575,000 Net/person
Carve and paint a shadow puppet from leather while learning about the form and function of the most important puppets.
Woodcarving Rp. 520,000 Net/person
Be guided through the creation of your own woodcarving like the ones used to decorate Balinese temples.
basketry balinese_dance
Basketry Rp. 365,000 Net/person
Weave a traditional Balinese basket using natural materials such as palm leaf and bamboo.
Balinese Dance Rp. 145,000 Net/person
Learn the basic steps used in many Balinese dances.
Offering making Rp. 365,000 Net/person
Learn the art of this daily Balinese ritual.